British University Sailing Association (BUSA) are offering Alumni membership to graduate University sailors who wish to offer continued support to University sailing. BUSA will be using funds obtained through alumni membership to improve BUSA’s ability to ‘give back’ to University sailing by improving development opportunities and ensuring the BUSA tour is supported appropriately.
How will the alumni fund benefit current university sailors?

BUSA will ensure that any finances raised through the Alumni membership programme are fed directly back into university sailing through two key strands: funding for the BUSA Tour and the establishment of a BUSA Alumni Development Award.

Alumni Membership Information

BUSA Alumni Development Award

BUSA offers far more than simply hosting championship events, in keeping with the BUSA commitment to wider university sailing. The annual BUSA Alumni Award will ensure that your support reaches individual University Sailing Clubs to improve what they can offer to their members, BUSA area and national membership.

Applications for the award will be made annually by University Sailing Clubs as part of our thriving development funding award project. The project aims to influence growth and improvement, and we propose to take this one step further to determine the most deserving project to be presented with the additional alumni funding. Examples of club-level projects which could benefit from your contributions include regional training events to introduce first-years to team racing, weekend courses improving club Bosuns Firefly repair skills, projects aimed at encouraging female participation across multiple disciplines and events aiming to secure student beginners to help them create a lifelong passion. Sailing has been an impactful part of many of our members' university experiences and with the introduction of this award your contributions could help many more young people enjoy the sport we love.

BUSA Tour Alumni Fund

The biennial BUSA Tour has been an important fixture of the University sailing calendar for the past 50 years, providing the very best British University sailors with the opportunity to compete against their US counterparts.

Indeed, many of you reading this may well have fond memories of competing as part of the BUSA Tour team. However, as BUSA’s role has expanded to include projects aimed at developing all areas of the sport we love at university level, it has become increasingly difficult to devote a large portion of BUSA’s budget towards this single fixture despite its important tradition. Therefore, funding from you, the alumni membership, would be invaluable towards making this event sustainable long term: safeguarding a fantastic opportunity for current and future generations of university sailors.

The Benefits of Alumni Membership

As an Alumni Member you are contributing to the ongoing improvement and progression of University sailing. Our alumni members will be helping improve and reward innovative development opportunities and help fund once in a lifetime opportunity such as the BUSA-ICSA tour. Overall, this initiative allows BUSA to give back and provide more to University sailors in a sustainable long-term manner.

BUSA offer the below additional benefits to Alumni Members;

-Each alumni member will receive an annual BUSA update, keeping you up to date with the BUSA activities throughout the year and the impact of your contribution.

-This annual update will provide an opportunity to reconnect with University sailing friends across the country, as we strive to develop an annual event bringing together generations. If you would like to help us develop this initiative, we would love to hear from you.

Becoming an Alumni Member

To become an Alumni Member, we kindly ask for you to contribute an annual membership fee of £10. You are welcome to contribute more than this and we look forward to discussing with you to which project you would prefer your donation to support. Payment can be made through our online payment platform here >

Membership Payment