University Sailing Club Membership of BUSA

Most University Sailing Clubs (USCs) are Members Clubs of BUSA. Membership is a requirement to compete in BUCS & BUSA Championships and events.

Membership of BUSA automatically provides affiliation to the RYA, without the need for the CUSC to pay the rate for affiliation. Affiliation to the RYA is a requirement for all competition and events conducted under the Racing Rules of Sailing. Hosting Clubs will expect that competing USC teams are so affiliated.

The current annual subscription for a BUSA Member Club is £150.00.

Where a member of a USC is elected to the BUSA Committee, in any year, the subscription for that year is reduced to £100.00.

The full information about Membership of BUSA is provided in the BUSA Constitution. Membership subscriptions are due by no later than the1st November each year.

If you, or your USC, is interested in Membership, or have any queries, please be in touch, suing the Contact Form below.

Proposals are being brought by the BUSA Committee to the 2017 for a new structure of Membership, so the above arrangements are subject to change for 2017-18.

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